About Us

We are Medieval Starship, your F.L.G.S. (friendly local game store).

Anyone can fill your order for books or figures, but we strive to make this a place where you will feel at home, where you will enjoy staying to watch a game in progress.

When our customers get involved and learn their way around, when we get to know their names and their games, that's when we know we are doing our job. Gaming at a store is not quite the same as being in your own living room, and that can be both good and bad. We try to provide as many of the comforts of home as possible while still offering the more intense gaming atmosphere that only a well-stocked shop can provide.

We are a store dedicated to keeping tabletop gaming alive and well. We have 8 gaming tables for gaming of all kinds, be it card games with friends, board games with the family, roleplaying games with an evil DM, or an all out Warhammer battle with your arch rival. We have space for it all, and the supplies you need to crush your opponents and stand victorious over their fallen hordes.

So please come on by and look for one of our fine employees (you'll know them by the shirts they wear) and we will be happy to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have; and if there is a game you'd like to learn, we love to teach!

We hope to meet you soon and above all Happy Gaming!